Zazzle Fund-Raising Store

'Tis the Season to begin thinking about...

Having a Happy Halloween!

As October rolls along the first holiday of the Fall season is fast approaching.

You can grab a sneak-peak of all the fun, provocative, and fund-raisable new Happy Halloween! products/memorabilia (featuring our iconic bunnies - Terry & Linda) by 'clicking' on this link:

TLHS Class of 1969 Halloween Collection

Or, by 'clicking' on these links you can shop for individual items like: T-shirtsmugsnight lightsjigsaw puzzlesbeverage coastersfrisbeesgreeting cardsmagnets, & more ...

Yes, everything TLHS Class of 1969 fun n' spooky for your favorite October holiday can be found in one - safe & secure online shopping portal.

Plus, all profits from the sale of merchandise through our Zazzle store benefit The TLHS Class of 1969 Scholarship Fund.

Today's Featured Halloween Party Product:

('click' on the image above to pick-up a new Mug!)


Why/What is a Store?
The Terra Linda High School Class of 1969 Store has been created as a fund-raising tool for the benefit of our Class Scholarship program, which is administered by the Terra Linda Scholarship Foundation.
The goal of all of this is to have some 'fun' whilst fund-raising.
We've all got kids, grandkids, friends and relatives who could every now and then use a gift - and not just any gift, but a unique, historical, piece of TLHS Class of 1969 memorabilia.
Guest Classmate, Diane Ennis, has contributed hours of time and energy creating the many and varied products offered for sale through the TLHS Class of 1969 store and our thanks go out to her for supporting our class so tirelessly.
On a seasonal basis there will be different types and styles of products featured on this webpage that you can purchase via the online shopping platform.
All we ask is that you keep these gift ideas in mind when an occassion in your life arises that needs to be celebrated/commemorated with a gift item or a unique piece of 'stuff'.
Honestly, could there be anything more unique than a Wham-O Frisbee decorated with a mandala featuring 'Bunny Boy Terry'?
We hope you enjoy these items and your online shopping experience at
And, Thank You for your support of our Class Scholarship Program for all these years...
~~~ Your TLHS Class of 1969 Steering Committee