Missing Classmates - Do you know any of these people?

Dear Fellow Classmate,

Below is a list of our classmates that do not have with an email or street address entered in the system.  If you know the whereabouts of any of these individuals, please contact them to let them know about the web site, or send an e-mail to the Site Administrator with any information you might have (click on "Contact Us") and I will notifiy the individual.  Will appreciate your help!  Thanks!


Steven Accomazzo
Michael Anderson
Anita Baker
Dennis Baumann
Barbara Becker
Patricia Becker
Ross Bell
Claudia Black
Bruce Carpenter
Cassandra Chauvin
William "Craig" Christopherson
Clark Darrah
Timothy DeVoy
Susan Elliott
Elizabeth Field
Gunnar Fridriksson
Susan Gallo
Michael Garrett
Gail Giusti (Townsend)
Robyn Goff
Gail Hansen
Sarah Heintz
Axel Henri II
Katharine Humphreys
James Ireland
Margo Kauffman
Christopher Lee
James Macway
Adele Madden
Gail Mages (Dague)
Fanny Margolis
Kathleen Meleyco (Cutuli)
Grace Mestre
Russell Miller
Trudy Miller
Richard Miram
Michael Mishler
Fatima Monteiro
Maria Monteiro
Kevin Mullan
Gary Nelson
Deborah Newton
Nikolyn Nikas (Costello)
Randell Pagano
Birgitte Petersen
Stephen Powell
Patrick Purcell
Frederick Quirin
Doris "Dorie" Reckewel
Joanne Reeves
Martin Ross
Gail Rudow
David Brian Smith
David Jay Smith
Deborah Smith
Steven Spence
Carol Stackhouse
Thomas Sweeney III
Arlene Thibodeaux
Jane Toler
Michael Valentine
Irene Williams (Cook)

Guest Members

Kathleen "Kathy" (Fleming)
Christine Alford, '67 -'68
James Black
Debbie Buchignani
Geva Bufano
Gary Fewell
Ed Gormley, Class Of 1970
Pamela Johnston
Kathy Kwock, Class Of 1970 (Decker)
Lisa Menjou
Marc Meyer
John Thibodeaux, Class Of 1968
Karla Tikotsky
Lynn Ullner
James Watson